My first experience with Yoga was when I was about 10 years old when someone came to my school to share Yoga, it was a profound experience.

My regular Spiritual Practice started while in my teenage years, through the Catholic Church and contemplative prayer groups, however, not agreeing this could “only be for Catholics” I began to study other religions, their common ground and I also different philosophies and started a regular Yoga practice in my early twenties.

Trying out many different styles and many forms of Yoga with different schools, my first teacher training was based on Sivananda. Later I also completed a training in Yin Yoga with Sarah Powers and I am holding certificates of training with Rod Stryker with whom I studied for about 6 years.

After having taught Yoga for a number of years, and having seen so many people transform through it, I decided I would like to do more and learn more. I studied how Yoga can be used as therapy, and understand how the wisdom of the yogic tradition can be combined with neuroscience, psychotherapy and psychology.

I trained with renowned Heather Mason at the Minded Institute and graduated as one of the first Yoga Therapists completing their Yoga Therapy Professional Training Programme in 2012.

In the meantime I also studies and certified as one of the first TRE providers in the UK. TRE or Tension/ Trauma Release Exercises being based on sound science, at the forefront of recent developments, transcends cultural and religious and spiritual barriers. Not based on any belief system but on what we all have in common, a body and a mind.The practice, when taught safely, feels natural and is an integrating agent in the best sense. 

Early 2014 I started working with the Wim Hof Method and spent time with “The Iceman” in Poland as his story intrigued me and I already had a positive experience with the benefits of Ice baths. The method has scientifically been proven to improve the immune system.

All this inspired me to create my own Program, The Yoga Therapy Vitality Program.

I created this program as I believe Yoga Therapy gives you tools of self regulation that are needed when we start the deeper work of TRE and The Wim Hof Method.

Classes & Courses

I teach regular Yoga Classes in London and also see private clients, further to this I can also teach at events, corporate or private and have been doing this on a regular basis. I am qualified to teach the 8 week Yoga Therapy for the mind course, check dates. My regular classes are based on Hatha Yoga techniques with an influence of Qigong, and include meditation.

The focus especially being on the breathing I also incorporate some of my Qigong experience into the practice. The aim is to improve strength and flexibility as well as developing the ability to relax.

I developed lunch time classes of an hour, wear comfortable clothing, no sweating. Give yourself some time to re-energise and refresh over lunch. Experience a unique combination of relaxation, work-out and silence balancing body, mind and soul. Boost up your energy and leave refreshed and alert.

Training & Qualifications

Yoga Therapist accredited by the Minded Institute

Accredited Level 3 Yoga Teacher (REPS)

Member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists

Member of the Yoga Alliance Professionals

TRE Release Practitioner Level 2


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