Yoga Therapy Vitality Program

The Yoga Therapy Vitality Program is highly effective in reducing stress levels.

Still similar to the 8 Week Yoga Therapy for the Mind Course, this course will also be highly effective in reducing stress levels. It will also include Mindfulness but the physical practice and breathing will be different in this course, we go deeply into the nervous system with this program.

Through my work as a Yoga Therapist I have worked with people who were looking for healing from past trauma and I used different techniques to release deep tensions, using body and breath, and also sound and meditation. Many of my clients started to feel better, increased energy levels, mentally stronger and more focussed. Also, I developed an interest in immune system disorders as some of my own family members and myself were affected to a certain extent.

In 2014 I travelled to Poland to meet Dutch teacher and daredevil, Wim Hof, aka The Iceman and I trained in his techniques that are scientifically proven and backed by research studies at the renowned Dutch Academic Radboud Hospital, to strengthen the immune system. People who have been using the method reported increased function of the immune system, often blood tests showing reduced inflammation marks, and the method also greatly helps with coping with the chronic pain associated with for example arthritis, reducing pain levels. When I was in Poland, Wim asked me to help him share his teachings and I then decided to create the Vitality Program, combining the breathing and cold training with other techniques that I felt were important and helpful.

Working with breath and movement, areas of tension and blockage can be released and the core of inner support and strength experienced. As habitual patterns in the body change or become more flexible, the mind also changes, allowing for greater openness, choice and spontaneity of being.

Physical Benefits

The Yoga Therapy Vitality Program can help you to:

  • release tensions and relax mind and body
  • develop internal strength, coordination and graceful movement
  • beneficial for managing auto-immune disorders
  • helps cope with pain management (Chronic pain)
  • prevent injuries
  • facilitate healing after accidents or surgery
  • expand your movement range and promote better alignment
  • low self-esteem and lack of confidence
  • anxiety and depression
  • stress-related disorders
  • chronic low energy or hyperactivity

Other Benefits

Beyond purely physical benefits, feeling at ease in your body and developing better habits of posture and movement can also benefit your general health and emotional well-being.

Mind and body are integrally connected, and a change in the way you use your body can have far-reaching effects on how you feel.

Feeling more balanced in your body can be a support to finding greater mental and emotional stability.

Amenable Conditions

Emotions are often held in the body, causing physical symptoms of tension or pain, sometimes contributing to the development of ill-health..

This work is based on an understanding that what you need for your healing and growth lies within you.

It seeks to empower you by developing trust in yourself and the wisdom of your body.

Weekly Themes

In the first two weeks of the course you will be taught how to regulate and understand your mood through breath. Just as is the case with yoga posture, there are breath practices (pranayama) that are useful for energising whilst others are more helpful for quieting your nervous system and you will be taught when are the appropriate times to engage in these different practises.

Next, in week three we start to move into the body – weeks three to six focus on how to understand emotional health through your body, through the strength and resilience that has developed during the course, we are ready to begin to work with the mind, engaging in practices that enable you to view and adapt your mental patterns in new and helpful ways.

Each segment of the course offers cumulative skills with each week’s theme building upon and developing the previous week’s learning.

Homework Practice

Whilst it’s helpful to be part of a group in a class, building community and learning together, homework practise is vital to your healing – this really is when the shifts start to take place.

You’ll be given homework at the end of each class to practise daily along with reading material to support your learning.

Homework practise is an important way of integrating yoga and mindfulness practice into your daily life.

  • A comprehensive manual
  • A Yoga therapy and Mindfulness CD to support daily practice
  • Exercise practise with awareness 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Breathing 15-20 minutes
  • Group Discussion during the exercises, students can ask questions related to yoga and mindfulness, share insights, listen to others or choose to be silent.
  • Explanation of daily home yoga therapy and mindfulness practice

All levels of yoga and meditation are welcome – you need not worry if you haven’t practised either before.

Evolve Wellness Centre
10 Kendrick Mews,
London SW7 3HG

6 Week Vitality Program in Notting Hill  £140
6 Week Vitality Program in South Kensington £190

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