Loving Kindness Meditation and it’s benefits

The incredible thing about Loving Kindness meditation is that a single short session of about 10 minutes, can kick-start a positive ripple effect, leading to increased feelings of social connection and positivity towards strangers. Loving [...]


How to Use a Neti Pot

The Neti Pot naturally cleanses, refreshes, and protects the nasal passages, one of our body’s first lines of defense against illness. Recommended today by doctors and pharmacists worldwide, the Neti Pot has been used for [...]


Standing Postures – Track 5

Helps to tone the legs, ankles, and hips. They tone the lower body, especially the legs and glutes. They are very grounding as when our legs and feet are engaged we feel more grounded. Often [...]


Sun Salutations – Track 4

Without the Sun, there will be no life on Earth. Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation is a very ancient technique of paying respect or expressing gratitude to the Sun that is the source of all [...]


Ocean Breathing – Track 2

Ujayi Breath, or Ocean Breathing is the type of breathing where you feel your breath at the back of your throat, it’s almost as if you close the throat a little, like snoring. This type [...]


Seated Sun Saluation Variation

Like the traditional Sun Salutation, there are many variations of the Seated Sun Salutation. The Seated version is good if you spend long periods of time sitting down working at a desk or computer. If [...]


Chanting March 2016

Chalra Chanting In Vedic healing and spiritual traditions, specific mono syllable seed sounds or “Bija Mantras” were developed to create balance and harmony in the human body, mind and soul. Each and every part of [...]


Loving Kindness Meditation

Metta bhavana, or loving-kindness meditation, is a method of developing compassion. It comes from the Buddhist tradition, but it can be adapted and practiced by anyone, regardless of religious affiliation; loving-kindness meditation is essentially about [...]