TRE combined with transformational breathing “Iceman” style

Today I am sharing a little about my latest discovery and method that I have been practicing.

Often my students ask me, what is your own practice, how much TRE do you do, or how much meditation, yoga. For me I can not start a day without some practice. As there are only so many hours in the day, we have to make a choice. My own choice about my type of practice depends very much on how I feel and what I think I need. On a day that I am overly “rajasic” (excess energy) I need a more calming practice that includes gentle Ujjay or Ocean Breathing, or alternate nostril, whereas if I wake up feeling sluggish, I would opt for a more activating practice, lots of Iceman Breathing, maybe some sun salutations, but always followed by relaxation and meditation.

The more my own practice has been evolving, the easier I find it to listen to my body and tap into it’s wisdom.

A couple of months ago I went on a 3 day advance training with David Berceli and this has greatly influenced the way my own TRE process has been evolving as I learned how to “unstuck” freeze patterns in the body. The days in Vienna and meeting David Berceli himself paid off enormously and I have been able to apply it a lot too with my groups where certain individuals had some freeze, with some simple intervention I helped them to unfreeze…beautiful. What I also learned in Vienna is that “less is more” at some point we can learn to tap into the more deeper layers of subtle energy and this is what I have now been doing myself and I also have witnessed it in my groups.

One day when I was tremoring I had the feeling to start my transformational breathing “Iceman” style so I tried it out and what I found is that this type of breathing lets you easily connect with the more subtle energies and can release deep patterns. It makes a lot of sense, when we tremor the sympathetic nervous system gets activated, the same with the breathing, first arousal and sympathetic activation followed by the breath retention and calming, or parasympathetic activation.  I made a video that you can watch and for those of you that have been coming to my classes, or others that are familiar with both practices maybe it can help you too.

Very important is that you never force anything, go with what feels right for you and always, always, integrate and calm your nervous system after the practice as this is where the work gets processed. It’s important.

If you are new to TRE it would be advisable to look for a certified provider in your area, or if you would be interested in a session with me you could also book a Skype session.


If you have any questions about this video or this practice, please feel free to contact me.

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