Private Classes

An ideal way for many people to learn yoga and develop their personal practice is through private yoga tuition.

Yoga was traditionally taught one to one as this allows the class to be tailored to the student’s unique requirements, in terms of health, flexibility, strength, experience and knowledge of yoga.

Private Yoga Lessons can benefit you to improve your yoga practice by having one on one yoga instruction. They can provide a space in which you can connect more with your own body, mind and spirit as well as getting individualized attention from your yoga instructor. Yoga poses and postures as well as breathing exercises can be designed especially to suit your individual needs.

The benefits of learning yoga one on one is that you can progress further more quickly by practicing postures and the breathing exercises at your own pace. Everybody is different and everybody therefore has different needs, this is also true with a Yoga Practice.

In private sessions we can work on an individual tailor made plan for your practice at home. Your home yoga consultation will include discussion about your personal goals in yoga, how to make your practice consistent and a written practice plan so you know what will be the best yoga practice at home.

You will be guided through your yoga practice plan so that you feel confident to complete the plan on your own, at your own pace, in a safe and efficient way. Although home practice is beneficial, it is best to include home practice as part of your yoga practice and make an effort to attend yoga classes at least weekly. This way you are less likely to fall into bad habits and you will get proper instructions.

Private yoga classes can be held in your home or workplace. If you would like to share the class with more people you can also share the cost (but please ensure you have sufficient space).