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WOOLACOMBE MAY 13th -18th 2018
The Resurface programme takes place in Woolacombe Bay, where Britain’s ultimate beach meets the finest of North Devon hotels: The Woolacombe Bay Hotel. Timelessly elegant yet friendly and relaxed, the venue offers the perfect destination to escape from the hustle and bustle, explore the coast or simply relax and take in some of Devon’s most epic scenery.
With 60 uniquely inviting rooms, stylish suites and fabulous sea views, The Woolacombe Bay Hotel is a world apart when it comes to places to stay in North Devon. Exquisite food and drink, first class staff and facilities including their superb gym, spa and swimming pools are just some of the reasons guests rate Woolacombe Bay as one of the best luxury hotels Devon can offer.
The Resurface programme includes full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) sharing in a twin room at the hotel. We encourage participants to share rooms as part of the healing process. We hope that you will generate new connections, a sense of community and an opportunity to process the day’s events with someone on a more private level.
The retreat will include:
Psycho-eductaion, Surf Lessons, Body-work Groups, Experiential Group Therapy, TRE Exercises and Mindfulness.
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to know how to surf?
Not at all. We welcome people of all abilities from complete beginners to seasoned professionals. The surf instruction is provided in conjunction with The Woolacombe Surf School.
 Do I need to rent surf equipment?
No, all equipment is provided.
Are there lifeguards?
Yes. This three-mile long stretch of golden sand is renowned for its cleanliness, water quality and facilities. Life guards ensure safe family swimming during the summer and surfers come from all over the country to enjoy the great waves and clean water.
Who is suitable to attend the trauma programme?
The programme is open to anyone who wants to address any form of trauma in their lives. This could be someone who is starting to look at their trauma for the first time, those who are looking to expand their pool of resources within their therapeutic process or those in recovery who may want a boost in healing from trauma.
Please feel free to contact us to discuss whether you think you are appropriate to attend or benefit from the Resurface programme.
Is the programme only for those suffering traumatic symptoms?
Not at all. The programme will work for those who may be suffering depression or those who are looking to boost their recoveries.
What are the dates of the trauma programme?
13th-18th May 2018 in Woolacombe. More dates to be announced soon. Clients will checkin on Sunday 13th and leave the afternoon of the 18th May. Checkin is from 3pm on the Sunday.
How much does the programme cost?
The trauma programme costs £1950 inc. VAT. This includes the surf tuition, accommodation, dining (breakfast, lunch and dinner), and all group therapy. It does not include transport costs to and from the venue.
How many people will be on the programme?
We are looking to create a friendly, fun and intimate vibe and have set the programme up to accommodate ten people.
Where does the programme take place?
In The Woolacombe Bay Hotel, situated in the centre of Woolacombe, North Devon. The nearest train stations are Barnstaple, a half hour drive/taxi ride from the hotel, or Tiverton Parkway, an hour’s drive/taxi ride away.
After-care services will take place in Central London.
What will the weather be like?
Last May the average air temperature was 16ºC and the average sea temperature was 14ºC.
What do I need to bring?
As well as regular clothing you will need to bring typical yoga/gym clothes for the TRE exercises.
Do I need to provide medical information?
On booking your stay on the programme we will contact you to gather any psychological and physical information that you wish us to have.
How do I book?
Please contact us to arrange booking. A 25% deposit on booking and require the balance 30 days before you arrive. Any other costs will be arranged and paid for at the end of your stay.
Is there an age limit for attending the programme?
Yes, participants must be 18 or over