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This evidence based course has been developed by Heather Mason of the Minded Institute. I feel grateful to have delivered the course for the last 4 years and have seen many people’s lives change for the better through the work they have done with the guidance of this program.

The course is a thorough investigation and journey into the body and the mind drawing on ancient yoga principles and mindfulness meditation techniques that are the foundation of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) one of the fastest growing new therapies for stress reduction.

This course combines yoga postures, breath work and mindfulness meditation which will allow you to experience and understand how these practices can work for you both in the short term and in the long term.

Through a deeper insight into physiological and psychological aspects of stress, the 8 week course will give you a tool kit that you can use to obtain and maintain positive mental well-being.

The yoga practice is specifically designed to re-balance the nervous system and to teach you how to regulate mood and emotions. You’ll be taught which postures are useful for energising and which are useful for bringing calm to your system. Additionally through the poses you will learn how to coexist equally with both comfortable and uncomfortable physical sensations through relaxation and working with the breath. By learning how to be with the variety of sensations in the body you simultaneously develop the ability to be with challenging emotions in a more grounded and gentle way. The course will visit new themes each week enabling you to explore your yoga practice through different perspectives, encouraging the exploration of mental patterns, perceptions, and habits that may keep you stuck in unfulfilling experiences of life.

Weekly Themes

In the first two weeks of the course you will be taught how to regulate and understand your mood through breath. Just as is the case with yoga posture, there are breath practices (pranayama) that are useful for energising whilst others are more helpful for quieting your nervous system and you will be taught when are the appropriate times to engage in these different practises.

Next, in week three we start to move into the body – weeks three to five focus on how to understand emotional health through your body. Finally in week six, through the strength and resilience that has developed during the course, we are ready to begin to work with the mind, engaging in practices that enable you to view and adapt your mental patterns in new and helpful ways.

Each segment of the course offers cumulative skills with each week’s theme building upon and developing the previous week’s learning. At the close of each session there is a discussion period for you to talk about your experiences during class and how to use what you learn when facing the challenges of daily living.

Homework Practice

Whilst it’s helpful to be part of a group in a class, building community and learning together, homework practise is vital to your healing – this really is when the shifts start to take place.

You’ll be given homework at the end of each class to practise daily along with reading material to support your learning.

Homework practise is an important way of integrating yoga and mindfulness practice into your daily life.

There will be no classes on the May Bank Holidays May 7th and 28th and also no class May 14th as I am away teaching on a retreat. As you have the book and homework practice it is expected that you will keep up the practice in your own time. The last session of the course will be June 25th.

Who's Attending

2 people are attending 8 Week Yoga Therapy for The Mind Course starting Monday 16th of April some breaks in May due to Bank Holidays

  • Zorana Grahovac
  • Gurpreet Judge