Embracing the cold, let the magic unfold……a Swedish Adventure….

When I found out my DNA was highest percentage Scandinavian, I planted the seed of visiting that place…..

A few months later I was, miraculously, put in contact with the right people, who could make it happen, not only that, but there was the opportunity for me to bring a group of people with me and teach them to embrace the cold…..something else that was very high on my wish list.

When I first was introduced to the cold, plunging in cold rivers and reaching the top of a mountain in Poland in just shorts and bikini it was such a life altering experience that I knew this was going to always remain a part of my life. The cold so much connects you to your inner being and soul, reconnecting you to a power within you that you maybe had forgotten about. This was something I wanted to share also with others.

In February 2019 we traveled to Sweden. The place we were visiting being far away from the hustle and bustle of city life, in unspoiled nature, a place where you can hear the stillness as that’s how quiet it is….

The place Tyngsjö is situated in the beautiful province of Dalarna, the land of trolls, elfs and vikings.  Here it is where forests and clear lakes define the rocky landscape, the extraordinary and beautiful environment where silence and peace are on everyday notice.

We were staying in traditional “stuga’s”, traditional houses that are built out of complete logs and therefore  they all have their own atmosphere. Enjoying peace, quiet and privacy on the porch or behind the log cabin. In  the forest you will experience relaxation.  The lake with all its possibilities lies only a stone cast away.

We started every morning with Yoga in the communal “Stuga” where I would light the logfire and we could see the sun rise through the windows overlooking the beautiful frozen lake.

The breakfast we then enjoyed in my own private “Stuga”, there was a choice of eggs, porridge, fruits, or if you wanted to you could make yourself pancakes. Again, there would be a fire burning and I would share what the program for the day would be.

Every morning we would have a different activity, snow shoehiking, cross country skiing or a silent walk, or if you felt like you needed some time by yourself to read a book or journal for example than that was an option too.

A healthy warm soup would often be on the lunch menu, still you could make your own pancakes or swedish waffles too, we were never short of anything.

Already on the first day I prepared everyone for the “Ice immersion experience” we would do a considerable amount of power breathing and everyone had learned the proper breathing to regulate their nervous system while going into the ice. We would walk down to the lake in our swimming costumes, and bringing our towels. The hole in the ice would have been prepared for us and the, always supportive, host Rene, who himself also would often join us for a dip would be waiting for us. We would take it in turns and we build up the length of time we were staying in the ice. The first day we started with up to about 20 seconds, some of us maybe 30 and every day we would increase it a little staying for a couple of minutes towards the end of the week.

I am hoping to do more of these retreats.

You can contact me for a quote if you would like me to custom design a similar trip for you, let me know which dates you are looking for and we can plan the trip together!

Also, I will keep my site updated with the upcoming retreats.

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