The benefits of Facial Massage

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I have been doing facial exercises myself for many years, by reading more about it, I also became curious about facial massage and it’s effects. In fact I started reading books about it, and started using it in my practice with some of my private clients and included it also in my Yoga Therapy Vitality Program. In particular clients with jaw problems and nasal congestion etc. The feedback was that they started to feel so relaxed afterwards that I decided to include it in this program too.

Also, a Self-Facial Massage can help in cultivating feelings of Loving Kindness to yourself.

A massage stimulates the muscles and lymphatic system. Every area of the body responds to facial massage. We have 300 pressure points on the face, which relate to every part of the body, so when you have a good face massage you impact every organ. It makes the face glow and takes the tiredness and sluggishness away.

Do DIY face massage at home. The simplest thing is to spend another five minutes in front of the mirror and to be more precise and intentional when you are putting products on.

Give your face a work-out every day. Only a few minutes of facial exercise once a day will make a difference after one week. Normally, every muscle in the body is attached in some way to the bone or ligament but in the face muscles are attached to each other, so they work as a web. By exercising just one you impact all of them – the results are incredible in a very short period of time.

A 45-minute facial massage reduced anxiety and alleviated negative mood in healthy adult women, according to recent research.

The study, “The facial massage reduced anxiety and negative mood status, and increased sympathetic nervous activity,” involved 32 healthy Japanese women, ranging in age from 20 to 40.

Each woman received the same type of facial massage in a private room. During each of these sessions, the face was first massaged using a cream-based lubricant. This was followed by a steam treatment, after which the face was massaged a second time using a lotion designed to moisturize the skin.

Outcome measures were evaluated immediately before and after each facial massage. These measures included electrocardiogram (ECG) recordings to evaluate intervals between heart beats, as well as parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous activity.

Parasympathetic nervous activity is responsible for rest and recovery, resulting in a relaxed physical state. On the contrary, sympathetic nervous activity is in charge of the “fight or flight” response, resulting in a stimulated physical state.

The study also showed that both anxiety and negative mood decreased significantly after the hands-on intervention, based on the scores from the Profile of Mood Status and State Trait Anxiety Inventory.

Based on this data, the study theorized facial massage may bring about not only relaxation benefits, but it also may have a stimulating effect, or refreshment.

And why don’t use a beautiful natural product which benefits your skin and promotes healing. One of my neighbours is very passionate about natural oils and turned his passion into a now flourishing business, Plant Me Botanics. I recently purchased the After Sun Repair Oil, many of my friends have complimented me on how radiant my skin looked.

I would suggest you use a nice oil when you do your Face Massage.

So to sum it up, Face Massage benefits:

promote blood flow to the face
encourage lymph drainage
facilitate nutrient absorbtion
simulate collagen production
soften the skin
smooth wrinkles
stimulate facial muscles and elasticity
promote normal secretion of oil and sweat glands
promote a natural glow or ‘radiance’ in the skin

And the Big Bonus you give yourself some Tender Love and Care 🙂 Enjoy!

















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